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My order is marked as "Fraud". Help!

WebProject employs an anti-fraud system to screen all new customers for fraud patterns. While this system is mostly accurate, false positives sometimes happen and legitimate orders may get flagged as "Fraud". If you have placed an order and it's status is "Fraud", this may be because:
1) You have used a credit or debit card that has been exposed on the Internet, and can therefore not be trusted;
2) You paid using PayPal and PayPal account is not verified;
3) You tried to use false/fake client information;
4) You are using anonymous proxy or VPN;
5) You have failed to validate account as you are required to complete the credit card authorisation form (even if you are paying by PayPal, no exceptions!) available to download at URLs:
PayPal payment:
Debit / Credit Card payment:
6) Your personal information does not match with your actual data we have about you (e.g. you've specified one country when signing up, but your IP address says you're in another country);

If any of the above is true, please take appropriate action. If you think the order has been flagged incorrectly, please get in touch and we will see to help you.

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